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LSC issues family guidance for very high cost cases

Documents changed and guidance produced for their completion

The Legal Services Commission has made changes to the family documents for very high cost cases.

It has updated the following VHCC documents:

To help with family case plans the LSC has also produced a 'top tips' document accessible from this page. This provides clear guidance on how to complete case plans and submit evidence. 

The top tips document covers key aspects of case planning such as:

Detail and evidence of disbursements
You must ensure you provide sufficient data. The LSC scrutinises experts' fees and disbursements so it needs detail, eg:

Counsel fees
You must ensure that counsel fees are estimated as correctly as possible. You need to make sure that the correct rates are also claimed for sitting behind counsel and that counsel fees are adequately broken down.

If counsel fees remain within family graduated fees clearly state this; if not then clearly state the hourly rate applied by counsel.

New events model
Information on the new events model is on the high costs case page on the LSC website.

Details are available by emailing .

This would help the efficient management of your cases and is very different from the events model currently running for QC cases in the Special Cases Unit.

If you use the revised documentation and the 'top tips' document it will help the LSC to reduce rejects and negotiation time. This will help the processing of your case plan more efficiently.