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Existing family mediation providers can request additional outreach locations under their LSC contract

Process opens week commencing 8 October

Existing family mediation providers will be given the opportunity to request additional outreach locations under the terms of their LSC contract.

The process will open during the week commencing 8 October 2012 and run until early 2013, as the LSC seeks to improve capacity and client access to mediation services going forward.

Existing mediation providers wishing to open new outreach locations must not respond to the Invitation to Tender for Mediation Services that will also open during the week commencing 8 October.

Instead, in order to have an additional outreach location approved by the LSC a contracted mediation organisation will need to submit full address details of the premises they wish to use. A request form will be published on the tendering pages of the LSC website alongside further guidance when this process opens.

All outreach addresses submitted as part of this process must be available for use by the service as soon as formal approval is given. They must also meet minimum Mediation Quality Mark Standards.

Mediation organisations must ensure that they will be able to offer mediation services from any outreach location they request within two weeks of receiving any referral. This way the LSC can be certain that mediation services are able to offer meaningful client access from these new locations.

Address details submitted outside of the above dates will not be considered as part of this process and will not be automatically approved.

If you submit a request for outreach after the deadline you must send your request forms to your Contract Manager. Your contract manager will consider your application if they believe there is need for additional mediation services in that area.