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9 out of 10 clients with a family-based child maintenance arrangement thought it worked well, says DWP

DWP publishes estimates of child maintenance outcomes for February to April 2017

The Department for Work and Pensions has published estimates of the child maintenance outcomes of clients who called Child Maintenance Options in February to April 2017.

Out of the 62,900 clients that had contact with Child Maintenance Options between February and April 2017, 75 per cent had a child maintenance arrangement at the time of surveying. That is 47,100 child maintenance arrangements.

Sixty-eight per cent of former Child Support Agency clients who contacted Child Maintenance Options created a new child maintenance arrangement with the Child Maintenance Service. The DWP says that this is a statistically significantly difference from the 41 per cent of clients who do not have historic involvement with the CSA. The remaining CSA clients who contacted Child Maintenance Options made a Family-based arrangement or did not set up a child maintenance arrangement. Only 11 per cent of former CSA clients did not set up an arrangement, compared with 29 per cent of other clients.

Eighty-seven per cent of parents said their family-based arrangement worked well. Of these, 94 per cent also said some or most of the amount was being paid and that payments were always or usually on time. The arrangements of this group are classified as effective and represent 82 per cent of all family-based arrangements.

Seventy per cent of effective family-based arrangements were secured or changed after the client called Child Maintenance Options.

For the statistical release, click here.