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‘Relative Strangers’ project analyses wider family issues of donor conceived children

Research team produces short video about parenting agreements between lesbian mothers and known sperm donors

For the last eighteen months The Morgan Centre for the Study of Relationships and Personal Life at the University of Manchester has been conducting a research project exploring how heterosexual and lesbian couples who conceive using donor sperm, eggs or embryos, negotiate telling parents and relatives about their decision to use a donor. 

As part of this project the researchers, led by Professor Carol Smart and Dr Petra Nordqvist, have interviewed heterosexual and lesbian couples, and also grandparents of donor conceived children, about their experiences.

The research team is now analysing all the data collected from the research interviews with families of donor-conceived children.

You can find out about progress with the project by viewing a brief video (2 mins) by Dr Nordqvist. Just click here.

Professor Smart has produced a short video (8 minutes) specifically about parenting agreements between lesbian couples and gay donor fathers concerning donor conceived children, the court's attitude to them when the agreements break down and what sociological research (including this project) can contribute to these ideas. To see her video, please click here.