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Relevance of needs in ‘big money’ cases questioned by Lord Justice Thorpe

Court of Appeal hears appeal against lump sum award based on needs and contribution

The Telegraph reports proceedings in Davies v Davies in which Thorpe LJ, sitting in the Court of Appeal, is reported as saying that the days of wives receiving multi-million pound divorce payouts to keep them in a style to which they have become accustomed are over.

The husband, Andrew Davies, is appealing against an award of a lump sum payment of £2.75m in favour of his former wife.

Thorpe LJ, sitting with Rimer and Elias LJJ, said:

"We only talk about 'needs' when there isn't a lot to go round. The bigger the family fortune, the less relevant needs become."

Judgment has been reserved.

For a fuller report of the proceedings in The Telegraph, please click here.