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Children of Mafia families removed in new initiative to break cycle of violence

Italian judge trail blazes interventionist programme with a “cultural detox.”

BBC News reports that Italian judge D Bella has focused on the children of "well known mafia families aged around 14 or 15 who had started to acquire the mafiosi mentality."

To date about 15 teenagers have been removed from their families and placed in care homes.  They are allowed to go for home visits every few weeks.

The judge is reported as saying that it is hoped that when the children reach adulthood they will choose to make a fresh start and turn away from a life in organised crime.

Judge D Bella is reported as saying that he expects a lot more youngsters to be removed from Mafiosi families in the months and years to come and that the programme may be replicated elsewhere in Italy.

The early intervention programme aims to co-ordinate more closely with expert psychologists, social workers and other child care professionals in order to give the children a fresh start.

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