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Scot Young accused of ‘sham bankruptcy’

Businessman gives evidence in high profile financial remedy hearing

Scot Young has been accused of fabricating his own bankruptcy at the hearing of his former wife's application for financial remedy arising from their divorce. Michelle Young has previously claimed that Mr Young has access to considerable sums which have been invested on his behalf overseas. She has adduced forensic evidence which, she asserts, supports that claim. Mr Young denies the existence of such sums.

Rex Howling QC of 4 Paper Buildings, counsel for Ms Young, asked Mr Young about payments received by him from another businessman, to whom Mr Young contends he was already in debt as the result of a commercial dispute for some £3.3m.

Earlier this year, Mr Young, who is representing himself, was jailed for what Mr Justice Moor called a 'flagrant' contempt of court arising from Mr Young's failure to provide full and frank disclosure of evidence to support his claims that he is penniless.

For more information, please see the report in The Independent.