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Ofsted's Single Inspection Framework is flawed, says Association of Directors of Children’s Services

Inspection results ‘not credible’

Alan Wood, President of the Association of Directors of Children's Services, has said that findings from Ofsted's Single Inspection Framework so far are 'not credible'.

He said:

"Ofsted's Single Inspection Framework (SIF) is less than one third of the way through its cycle and the findings to date suggest that the services of around three quarters of authorities are not yet good enough. These results are just not credible when we compare the performance of our safeguarding system with those European counterparts. The fact that no single authority has been rated as 'outstanding' overall or that only four of the 260+ subgrades awarded to date are outstanding defies belief, in any inspection system you would expect each of the four grades to appear in a standard model of representation. That is why I believe that the current framework is flawed and why we are in discussions with Ofsted about the catalogue of concerns surrounding the SIF."