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Length of skeleton arguments restricted in High Court financial remedy cases

Mostyn J’s guidance amended

Mr Justice Mostyn has amended the Statement on the Efficient Conduct of Financial Remedy Hearings Allocated to a High Court Judge. The guidance applies in relation to cases whether at the Royal Courts of Justice or elsewhere.

Paragraph 15 of the statement restricts the length of skeleton arguments submitted to the court.

It states:

Skeleton arguments must:

(a) be concise and not exceed:

i. for the first appointment, or any other interim hearing, 10 pages (including any attached schedules);

ii. for the FDR, 15 pages (excluding agreed documents but including any other appended schedules);

iii. for the final hearing, 20 pages (excluding agreed documents under para 13 above, but including any other appended schedules);

(b) be printed on A4 paper in not less than 12 point font and 1.5 line spacing;

(c) both define and confine the areas of controversy;

(d) be set out in numbered paragraphs;

(e) be cross-referenced to any relevant documents in the bundle;

(f) be self-contained and not incorporate by reference material from previous skeleton arguments; and

(g) not include extensive quotations from documents.

Where it is necessary to refer to an authority, a skeleton argument must first state the proposition of law the authority demonstrates; and then identify the parts of the authority that support the proposition, but without extensive quotation from it.

The statement is here.