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Muslim Women’s Network publishes guidance on Muslim marriage and divorce in UK

MWNUK advocates registration of Muslim marriages in order to utilise legal protections

Muslim Women's Network UK has published a report which is aimed at Muslim women in Britain so that they are better informed about their rights and practices relating to marriage and divorce. The contents of the report are also intended to be useful to family law professionals, politicians, government officials, academics, students, religious authorities (mosques, Shariah Councils and scholars) and women's rights organisations.

The report notes:

"Muslim marriages and divorces conducted in Britain are not recognised under English, Welsh, Scottish law or Northern Irish law. This is because we cannot have parallel legal systems and British Muslims are expected to utilise the legal mechanisms available in this country. In reality this means that those in legally recognised marriages have recourse to UK laws while those in unrecognised marriages do not ... This is why Muslim Women's Network UK  strongly advocates for registration of Muslim marriages, which means having an additional civil marriage so the union is legally valid under the law."

The 104 page resource includes real case studies received by MWNUK, and covers common questions posed to the organisation, for example, whether the permission of parents is required for marriage (guardianship), to polygamy and marrying outside of their faith. It also covers legally valid and invalid marriages as well as the barriers that Muslim women face when they are trying to get divorced.

Chapters include:

The report is here.