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85% of parents with family-based child maintenance arrangement said it worked at least fairly well

Statistics released for February to April 2018

Between February and April 2018, Child Maintenance Options helped parents set up 33,400 child maintenance arrangements. Of these 8,300 were family-based arrangements. 85% of parents with a family-based arrangement said it worked fairly or very well.

The figures are revealed in official experimental statistics prooduced by the Department for Work and Pensions providing data on the child maintenance arrangements made by separated parents after speaking to the CM Options service between february and April 2018.

Out of the 48,700 parents that had contact with Child Maintenance Options between February and April 2018, the Department for Work and Pensions estimates that 78% had a child maintenance arrangement at the time of surveying in June 2018. This is 38,100 Child Maintenance Service, court and family-based arrangements.

Almost a quarter (24%) of parents who contacted Child Maintenance Options between February and April 2018 had a family-based arrangement. 17% set up or changed their family-based arrangement after contacting Options, while 7% already had a family-based arrangement in place or could not remember if they set up or changed their arrangement after speaking to Options.

For the full statistics, click here.