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Imermans settle their financial remedy dispute

Vivian Imerman is to pay his former wife £15 million

The Guardian reports that the financial remedy dispute between Vivian Imerman and Lisa Tchenguiz, his former wife, has ended in a £15m settlement.

A statement issued on behalf of Mr Imerman, confirming a full and final settlement of the proceedings, said:

"Mr Imerman believes that this is in the best interests of their daughter. This brings to an end four years of litigation which included an extremely wide-ranging process of financial disclosure, managed by the court.

"In order to avoid unnecessary, unfair and inaccurate speculation as to the terms of settlement and, given that such speculation has already found its way into the press, Mr Imerman confirms that he will pay a lump sum to Ms Tchenguiz of £15m in instalments, with no order for costs."

In earlier proceedings the Court of Appeal had ordered that documents copied from a computer of the husband and provided to the wife, who in turn passed them to her solicitors,  had to be returned to him.

The Court of Appeal judgment undermined the 'Hildebrand rules' which hitherto had permitted that documents obtained, copied and immediately returned could be used in ancillary relief proceedings provided that force was not used in obtaining them.

The Guardian reports that the parties have signed a binding confidentiality agreement.

The report is available here. The Court of Appeal judgment in the proceedings can be read here.