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Client dissatisfaction highest in divorce cases, says Legal Ombudsman

New report focuses on family law complaints

Family disputes currently give rise to more complaints to the Legal Ombudsman than any other type of dispute. Around 18% of the complaints the Ombudsman investigates are about family law. Of these, just over half are related to divorce. That is echoed by other findings about the level of customer satisfaction with divorce lawyers: for instance, research has found that dissatisfaction levels are higher in divorce cases (13%) than for other areas of law (average of 7%).

The Legal Ombudsman's latest report – The price of separation: Divorce related legal complaints and their causes – attempts to cast some light on why divorce leads to higher levels of dissatisfaction and more complaints than other areas of legal service. It asks what can lawyers – and consumers – do to avoid finding themselves in disputes about the service that has been provided? How can both parties protect themselves against deepening the distress of relationship breakdown with a subsequent dispute between lawyer and customer? And how will the coming changes to the legal sector – legislative, administrative and financial – impact on the situation?

The report can be read here.