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Communicating with the Home Office in Family Proceedings

President’s guidance re-issued April 2013

The 'Communicating with the Home Office in Family Proceedings' protocol enables the family courts to communicate with the Home Office (UK Borders Agency and Identity and Passport Service) to obtain immigration, visa and passport information for family court proceedings.

This guidance has been reissued to replace and amalgamate previous guidance issued in 2002, 2004, 2006 & 2010 (including the Communicating with the Passport Service 2004) to reflect the new contact details for the Home Office Liaison Officer who has responsibility for administering requests made under the Protocol. It does not alter the nature or purpose of the Protocol.

Where an order is made against the Home Office in Family Proceedings, the court shall draw up the relevant order. The HMCTS form EX660 should be fully completed (including specifying the details of the relevant family members and their relationship to the child). Parties should provide details of both mother and father if known, whether or not they are involved in the proceedings.

The guidance is here.