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'Clare's Law' to be extended to all of England and Wales

Legislation to take effect from March 2014

'Clare's Law', which enables a person to ascertain from the police whether their partner has had a history of domestic violence, will be extended to cover all of England and Wales from March 2014.

Pilots in Greater Manchester, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Gwent commenced in September 2012.

The initiative, termed Clare's Law by the press, follows the campaign launched by the father of Clare Wood who was murdered in February 2009 by George Appleton whom she met through Facebook. It transpired that, unknown to her, he had a record of domestic violence against previous partners.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May said in October 2011:

"This scheme would be based on recognised and consistent processes that could enable new partners of previously violent suspects to know more about their partner's history of abuse.

"They could then make informed choices about how and whether they take that relationship forward."

Theresa May, speaking to The Sun, said that 88 women were killed by their partners last year.