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Numbers on Welsh child protection registers increase slightly

2,950 children on registers as at 31 March 2013

There were 2,950 children (including unborn children) on local authority child protection registers in Wales at 31 March 2013. This was a slight increase compared with 31 March 2012 and represents a rate of 47 children per 10,000 population aged under 18.

There were 1,535 boys, 1,395 girls and 20 unborn children on the registers at 31 March 2013. 45 per cent of children on child protection registers were aged under 5.

The highest number of registrations was shown in categories involving neglect (43 per cent) and the lowest in categories of sexual abuse (6 per cent). Registrations may state more than one category of abuse.

There were 4,175 children added to registers during the year ending 31 March 2013, an increase of 8 per cent from the previous year. The number of children removed from the registers during the year increased by 6 per cent to 4,110.

The statistical release can be viewed here.