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Adequate punitive sanctions are in place to enforce contact orders, finds research

‘Therapeutic’ approach to more difficult cases may be more effective than punishment

The University of Exeter has published important new research, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, which investigates the enforcement of contact orders.

Until now there has been no research on enforcement to inform policy-makers about the nature of such cases or the approach of the family courts. This first ever empirical study of enforcement has been carried put by Professor Liz Trinder of Exeter University, Joan Hunt of Oxford University, and Alison Macleod, Julia Pearce and Hilary Woodward of Exeter Univeristy. It is based on case file analysis of a national sample of 215 enforcement applications, mainly made in March and April 2012.

Enforcing contact orders: problem-solving or punishment? finds:

The research paper can be read here.