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97% of magistrates say that increase in LiPs is damaging court’s work

Bureau of Investigative Journalism survey highlights magistrates’ concerns

New research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism indicates that magistrates are very concerned about the rising number of litigants in person in family courts since the introduction of cuts in legal aid.

The Bureau, in partnership with the Magistrates' Association, has surveyed a sample group of 461 magistrates.

The survey found:

More generally, magistrates voiced concerns about delays in hearings, an imbalance between parties in family proceedings and the possibility that justice is not being done.

The Judicial Executive Board recently submitted evidence to the Commons Justice Select Committee's enquiry into the effect of LASPO to the effect that the increase in litigants in person had had a considerable adverse impact upon courts' administration and efficiency.

For more details of the research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, please click here.