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Charity aiding male victims of DV supports proposed law change

The Mankind Initiative publishes consultation response

The ManKind Initiative, a charity supporting male victims of domestic violence, is supporting the recommendation that there should be a specific offence of domestic abuse that sets out that coercive and controlling behaviour in an intimate relationship as a criminal offence.

The charity believes that this offence will support male victims of domestic abuse by ensuring that there is a better recognition by statutory agencies and by society of both the existence and extent of this form of abuse on male victims (and their children).

The introduction of this offence would help to ensure that the 'believability threshold' for male victims is at the same level as it is for female victims. This is especially important, says the ManKind Initiative, as male victims are more likely to suffer from non-violent forms of partner abuse than violent forms.

The charity also believes that the law would help ensure that the threat and use of false allegations and the threat of denying parental contact is fully recognised as a controlling and coercive behaviour. This also includes recognising the continual and purposeful breach of parental contact orders as a form of domestic abuse.

The charity considers that any criteria and guidance to police, statutory agencies, the justice system and also domestic abuse sector practitioners in the change of law has to be unequivocal in setting out that it applies to both female and male victims, and, that all training and practitioner guidance is explicitly clear on this.