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Young people’s guide to staying put published

Guide is for those in care or who have left care

A guide for young people to help them navigate staying put, the statutory duty for local authorities in England which enables young people to continue to live with their foster carers until 21 if both parties wish, has been published.

Following The Fostering Network's 'Don't Move Me' campaign, the Children and Families Act 2014 introduced this new duty which was brought into law in May 2014. 

The guide is for young people who are in care, or who have left care. It tells them about the change in the law which means their local authority has to support them and their foster carer after they turn 18 to live together if that is what everyone wants. In this guide young people will find information on what the law says they are entitled to, and there are also tips from young people and workers. 

This guide has been written for young people – but the information in here will be useful to all those who work with young people in and leaving care. The information applies to England only. It is written by the Catch22 National Care Advisory Service based on joint work between the Young People's Benchmarking Forum and the National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum.

The guide is here.