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Conservatives pledge to scrap Human Rights Act

Legal aid systems would be kept under review

The Conservative Party Manifesto for the coming General Election confirms that, if elected, a Conservative government would abolish the Human Rights Act 1998 and replace it with a Bill of Rights. The manifesto says that this would break the link between the British courts and the European Court of Human Rights so that the Supreme Court would be 'the ultimate arbiter of human rights matters in the UK'.

According to the manifesto, a Conservative government would also continue the £375 million modernisation of the court system and would 'continue to review our legal aid systems, so they can continue to provide access to justice in an efficient way'.

The manifesto states that a Conservative government would prioritise protecting women and girls from violence. This would be done, in part, by securing the future of specialist FGM and forced marriage units.

The manifesto is here.