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Holman J laments ‘tragic’ waste of couple’s assets

Ekaterina Fields awarded £1.2 million and maintenance of £320K per year

Mr Justice Holman has described as "tragic" that Richard and Ekaterina Fields had expended £1.2 million in legal fees in a financial remedies dispute concerning £4?million in liquid assets and £6?million in total.

The Standard reports that Mrs Fields had sought a lump sum of £2.6million and £500,000 per year. Mr Fields is said to have offered £2.2million and £230,000 per year.

According to the report, Holman J has ordered that Mr Fields should pay his wife £1.2?million in a lump sum and £320,000 per annum maintenance for herself and  annual payments of £25,000 for each child of their two children. The children already receive an annual £80,000 from a trust in the wife's name.

The Standard report is here.