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Number of children with placement order waiting to be placed falls by a third

Waiting period for placement falls from 656 to 533 days

The Adoption Leadership Board reports that at 31st December 2014 there were 2,960 children waiting with a placement order not yet placed with an adoptive family. This is a 37% decrease from 31 March 2014 when there were 4,680 such children waiting.

In 2013-14, the average number of days between entering care and placement was 594 days, an improvement from 656 days in 2012-13. Latest quarterly data suggest there has been a further improvement to 533 days. At 216 days, the average number of days between placement order and match in 2013-14 was a slight improvement on 2012-13. However, the latest quarterly data suggest that this has increased to 241 during quarter 3 2014-15.

The latest quarterly data suggest timeliness is beginning to decline. In quarter 2 2013-14, 50% of approvals made by local authorities were made within 6 months of registration, while in quarter 3 2014- 15 this has more than halved to 23% of registrations. The timeliness of matches has also declined. In quarter 4 2013-14, 80% of matches were made within 6 months of approval, compared to 68% in quarter 3 2014-15.

The data are here.