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Fee for issuing divorce proceedings to increase to £550

Government publishes further response to court fees consultation

The Ministry of Justice has announced that it intends to increase the fees for issuing divorce proceedings from £410 to £550. It had originally proposed an increase to £750.

The MoJ says in its latest response to the consultation on court fees that it has considered the concerns raised during the consultation and decided not to increase fees by 80% as originally proposed. Instead it will press ahead with 'a more affordable' increase of about a third. There will be a fee remission for the most vulnerable, such as women in low wage households.

The same fee applies to applications for a decree of nullity or, in the context of civil partnership, for a dissolution order or nullity order.

There will also be, amongst other changes, a general uplift of 10% to a wide range of fees in civil proceedings.

The response document is here.