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Sharia councils fail wives in divorce cases, according to research

The Independent reports findings of independent research

The Independent reports that Sharia courts in the United Kingdom 'uphold the theory and practice of the strong hold men have over women' in family-related proceedings.

The newspaper says that the findings, which are to be presented in the Houses of Parliament next month, are based 'on the most detailed and informed analysis of the workings of British sharia courts ever undertaken by an independent researcher'.

The research is to be published in a forthcoming text by Machteld Zee, a legal academic at Leiden University, entitled Choosing Sharia? Multiculturalism, Islamic Fundamentalism and British Sharia Councils.

The Independent report is here.

For an article in Family Law Week entitled A Practical and Legal Analysis of Islamic Marriage, Divorce and Dowry, written by Charlotte proudman of Mansfield Chambers and published in 2012, please click here.