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ADCS publishes ‘thought-provoking' paper on innovation and change in children’s services

Paper highlights examples of local innovative practice

The Association of Directors of Children's Services has published a 'think piece' written by Richard Selwyn, Assistant Director Commissioning, Children and Young People Services at Suffolk County Council, working closely with the ADCS Resources & Sustainability Policy Committee, designed to stimulate thinking, challenge and debate in the sector.

Ian Thomas Chair of the Resources and Sustainability Policy Committee, said:

"Local government is not the same as it was in the days of plenty; some council budgets have been reduced by 40% making the task of providing services for the most vulnerable tougher now than ever before. Directors of Children's Services are faced with the challenge of how and where to spend budgets in a way that secures better outcomes for children, young people and their families – but in some places core services are now at risk. The think piece shines a spotlight on questions around next practice in children's services and encourages reflections from the sector around how we can innovate and think differently at a time when resources are scarce but demand continues to soar. We thank Richard for his hard work on this paper."

Richard Selwyn's paper is here.