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Man who ‘controlled every aspect of victim's life’ convicted for controlling or coercive behaviour

Six months imprisonment and two years restraining order for perpetrator

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced a recent conviction for the offence of controlling or coercive behaviour.

Adrian Lee, 21, was convicted at Liverpool Magistrates' Court for engaging in controlling/coercive behaviour in an intimate/family relationship. The offence was created by section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015.

Karen Renshall, reviewing lawyer at the Crown Prosecution Service, said:

"Controlling or coercive behaviour can have an extreme psychological and emotional impact on victims. Today's conviction shows that this behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

"No-one has the right to restrict someone else's freedom. Adrian Lee controlled every aspect of his victim's life. He prevented her from seeing her friends and questioned where she had been if she came in late.

"He stopped the victim from using her mobile phone and controlled her social media, such as making her delete friends on Facebook."

He has been sentenced to six months imprisonment and a restraining order was imposed for two years.