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Payment to Christina Estrada held up by former husband’s death

Mrs Justice Roberts decides there is no need for enforcement measures

The High Court has been told that Christina Estrada, the former wife of Sheikh Walid Juffali, has yet to receive any funds from the award made by Mrs Justice Roberts in Juffali v Juffali [2016] EWHC 1684 (Fam). Dr Juffali had been ordered to pay to Ms Estrada a total of £53m (to include a London housing fund and a Duxbury award, less her contribution of £8.97m from her own resources).

Payment was due to be made by 4pm on Friday, 29 July. However, Dr Juffali died from cancer a week before the payment was due.

Mrs Justice Roberts determined that there was no need to issue an enforcement order at this stage, because she was confident that Dr Juffali's estate would meet the award.

She said:

"I continue to stress that Dr Juffali engaged with this process though out his life time and following his death, the legal representative likely to be instructed for his estate has also engaged to the extent they have sent the court an extremely courteous letter. I hope we will get this sorted out without the need for further litigation."

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