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Guidance published on change of name on official documents

Policy aims to deter name changes to commit crime

The Home Office has published new guidance on how applications are handled to change names on official documents.

The guidance notes that the vast majority of people living in the UK change their names on official documents issued by the Home Office for perfectly legitimate reasons, such as when they get married. The policy is focussed on achieving two aims: first, helping the genuine applicant to obtain documents in a change of name with the minimum but necessary level of supporting information; and second, deterring, disrupting and detecting those who change their names in order to commit crime or avoid detection.

The guidance applies to applications to changes of names and identities to the following documents: 

Where a person is seeking to change an identity on one of the Home Office documents listed above the person is required to provide supporting evidence that they intend using that identity for all purposes of their life. This may include a marriage certificate or a deed poll along with other supporting documentary evidence that the new name is being used for all purposes.

For the guidance, please click here.