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Study investigating use of research in family justice system calls for evidence

Family justice 'observatory' proposed

A scoping study commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation and led by Professor Karen Broadhurst at Lancaster University, has launched a nationwide call for evidence to better understand the use of research evidence in the family justice system.

The study, for which CoramBAAF is a partner, will also inform the development of a proposed family justice 'observatory' which may take the form of a new or re-purposed organisational structure or network.
The call for evidence aims to better understand how organisations working within the family justice system use or might use research evidence in developing policy and practice.  This would become the basis for establishing the priorities for any new family justice observatory. The consultation is vital in engaging stakeholders in an open and transparent way to gather opinions and ideas.

Submissions are invited from policy, practice and research leads on behalf of their organisations representing one or more of the following stakeholder groups within the family justice system:

Full details of the call for evidence and the process for responding are available here. The deadline for submissions is Monday 31 October 2016.

The study was commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation as part of its work to address the limited availability and use of research findings and administrative data in family justice decision-making - a key problem identified by the national Family Justice Review (2011). It is led in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence, University College London, Research in Practice, Loughborough University, Family Rights Group and CoramBAAF.

For further details on the study, please visit the Nuffield Foundation website.