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Changes to legal aid Special Children Act applications

The Legal Aid Agency has made changes to applications under the Special Children Act and standard cost limits to improve processes in the Client and Cost Management System (CCMS).

The changes mean introducing:

Special Children Act applications
New questions have been added to the merits assessment stage of the application process. The idea is to prevent premature applications where Special Children Act proceedings have not been issued.

It is hope that this will help users when linking applications and certificates. These are the new questions:

The following question has been removed from the merits section but only in Special Children Act cases: Are the proceedings, for which funding is being sought, currently before the Court?

Standard cost limit changes
Changes have been introduced to standard cost limitations in various cases to help reduce the number of amendment requests providers need to submit.
The areas of law affected and the new standard cost limitation include Special Children Act cases where the default limit has been changed from 'approx. 25-30 different proceedings at £5,000' to 'all proceedings to £9,000'.

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