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Civil partnerships appeal to be heard this week

Couple challenge government’s ban on different-sex civil partnerships

The Court of Appeal will this week hear an appeal from a London couple – Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan – against a judgment dismissing their application for judicial review of the Government's ban on different-sex civil partnerships.

The couple decided to appeal following a wave of public support which has seen 70,000 people sign an online petition in support of civil partnerships being open to all, regardless of sexual orientation. They say that they are prepared to take their case to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

"A civil partnership would reflect who we are," Keidan told the Observer. "It's a modern social contract that doesn't have the associations of marriage but would give the protection that we and other cohabiting couples crave."

For more information, please see the Observer story here. For the original judgment by Mr Justice Andrews, click here.