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Dr Waney Squier reinstated

Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal proceedings significantly flawed

Dr Waney Squier, a consultant paediatric neuropathologist who has given expert evidence in several trials concerning shaken baby syndrome, has won an appeal against a determination by the Medical Practitioners' Tribunal that her name should be erased from the medical register.

The Tribunal had concluded that Dr Squier gave deliberately misleading and dishonest evidence for the defence in trials regarding four babies and a 19-month-old who died after sustaining deliberate head injuries.

Mr Justice Mitting has overturned that decision on the basis that the MPT determination was in many significant respects flawed and the tribunal was not entitled to find that Dr Squier's actions and omissions were misleading or deliberately misleading. The judgment is here.

However, Mitting J said that Dr Squier had gone beyond her expertise and also misrepresented some research, but said her views were honestly held. Dr Squier has been reinstated to the medical register but will not be allowed to give expert evidence in court for three years.

A GMC spokesperson said:

"Mr Justice Mitting has confirmed that this case was not about scientific debate and the rights and wrongs of the scientific evidence, but the manner in which Dr Squier gave evidence. The ruling makes clear that she acted irresponsibly in her role as an expert witness on several occasions, acted beyond her expertise and lacked objectivity, and sought to cherry-pick research which it was clear did not support her opinions."

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