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Parents fear transgender children will be taken away after Re J (A Minor)

Four mothers anticipate proceedings brought by their ex-partners

The Guardian reports that parents of transgender children fear that their former partners will seek residence orders in respect of their children following Mr Justice Hayden's ruling in Re J (A Minor) [2016] EWHC 2430 (Fam). In that case Hayden J removed from his mother's care a seven-year-old boy who was "living life entirely as a girl".  The Consultant Clinical Psychologist appointed to assess the child concluded that the mother had "influenced J in believing he was a girl. Provided with space and choice [the psychologist] concludes J 'very clearly identifies himself as a boy'."

According to the report, Mermaids, which campaigns for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people says that four mothers of trans children have said their ex-partners have threatened to take them to court in the wake of the ruling.

Susie Green, CEO of Mermaids, commented:

"We have had four separate parents come forward, in cases where the ex-partner doesn't agree with the child's [gender] presentation. All the ones that have come through so far have been the mum who has custody and the father is unsupportive."

For the report, click here.