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Sexual Abuse Cases – Evidence, Fact Finding and Assessment Part 2

An audio lecture for family lawyers focusing on assessments after fact finding in cases where there has been sexual abuse. (Running time approx 30 minutes with comprehensive accompanying notes: CPD 1 hour)

This talk is presented by Cyrus Larizadeh QC of 4 Paper Buildings and Senate House Chambers.

The presentation covers:

• The purpose of a post-findings assessment in sexual abuse cases
• Types of assessment
• Context of assessment
• The impact of findings of fact on the assessment process
• Key components of assessment
• Assessment models
• Ineffective interviews and reporting
• Questionnaires: pros and cons
• Quality of assessment
• Evaluating the assessor
• Importance of disclosure to enable effective examination of the assessor
• Contact between victim child and perpetrator parent
• Useful publications and articles.

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Running time: 30 mins approx