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Inclusion of earnings from ‘special occupations’ in the 2012 child maintenance scheme

House of Commons Library research briefing

The House of Commons Library has published a research briefing providing information about child support and earnings from certain "special occupations" – auxiliary coastguards, reserve or territorial force members, local authority councillors as well as part-time fire-fighters or lifeboat crew members. These are included when calculating the earnings of a non-resident parents (NRP) under the "2012" statutory child maintenance scheme administered by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), having previously been disregarded from the 2003 scheme run by the Child Support Agency (CSA).

The briefing paper sets out the current approach, and why the policy was changed, and notes that by including earnings from the "special occupations" the 2012 scheme is broadly similar to the original 1993 statutory child maintenance scheme.

For the briefing paper, click here.