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Child Support Agency caseload down to a million

A third of cases now closed

The Child Support Agency caseload has decreased from 1.53 million (before Case Closure began) to 1.01 million, down 7% from the previous quarter, according to statistics released by the Department for Work and Pensions. This decrease can be associated with cases closing within and outside of the Case Closure process. As time progresses, the caseload will continue to decrease. 48% of all selected cases have completed Case Closure.

Before CSA Case Closure began, 851,600 cases were subject to having their CSA liability ended by December 2017. As of March 2017 this figure was 805,600.

The number of cases due to have their liability ended reduced from 477,600 in December 2016 to 419,100 as of March 2017.

114,200 proactive case applications have been made to the CMS by clients who have been selected for Case Closure.

For the full figures, click here.