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BASW unveils Adoption Enquiry report and key findings

‘Enquiry explores the complex realities of adoption for many people’

The British Association of Social Workers has published a UK-wide enquiry on adoption. Led by Professors Brid Featherstone and Anna Gupta, the enquiry took evidence from more than 300 individuals and organisations. These included social workers, birth families, legal professionals, adoptive parents and adults who were adopted as children.

The study allowed for novel approaches to enable people from different perspectives to speak and listen to each other openly and safely. The BASW says that, through this, complex and profound narratives, which are too often silenced within prevailing discourse, have been brought to the fore.

Key findings from the enquiry were as follows: 

BASW CEO Ruth Allen, said:

"Adoption can be highly successful, providing children with stable, loving homes and adoptive parents with the experience of creating the family they want.  Birth families may consent to adoption and recognise the value to their biological child.

"However, the Enquiry explores the complex realities of adoption for many people, particularly in non-consensual adoption, with mixed outcomes and experiences for all involved which raise."

The Adoption Enquiry report and BASW's Response can be found here.