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Case closure process at Child Support Agency closes another 40,000 files

866,700 cases currently managed by CSA

As of December 2017 there were 866,700 cases managed by the Child Support Agency. About 40,000 cases have been closed in the last quarter through the Case Closure process. Cases managed by the CSA are being closed and parents are encouraged to arrange child maintenance themselves or to contact the Child Maintenance Service.

Just 37,300 of the total caseload still have a current liability on CSA, these cases are due to have their liability ended by the Case Closure process.

Between January and December 2017, the CSA collected £193m of child maintenance; £55m of this was arrears. 55 per cent of cases with arrears have less than £1000 owed. In the same period an estimated £58m of child maintenance was arranged through Maintenance Direct. These figures progressively fall as cases are closed on the CSA.

For the statistical release setting out the figures, click here.