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Alfie Evans: parents apply for permission to appeal to Supreme Court

Court of Appeal upholds order allowing doctors to end life support

The parents of Alfie Evans, who is seriously ill from an undiagnosed neurological degenerative condition, have applied to the Supreme Court for permission to appeal against an order allowing doctors to end his life support.

Tom Evans and Kate James want to take 21-month-old Alfie for treatment abroad. Alder Hey Children's Hospital has said that it would be unkind, unfair and inhumane to continue to treat Alfie, who is (according to his treating Consultant Paediatric Neurologist) in a coma and unaware of his surroundings, showing no response to tactile, visual, auditory or sensory stimulation.

In the High Court last month, Hayden J reluctantly reached the clear conclusion that Alfie's best interests required the withdrawal of ventilation and the provision of good quality palliative care to keep him as comfortable as possible at the last stage of his life. That decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal last week. The Court of Appeal judgment is not yet available.

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