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Family Relationships (Impact Assessment and Targets) Bill proceeds to third reading

Third reading scheduled for 26 April 2018

The third reading in the House of Lords of the Family Relationships (Impact Assessment and Targets) Bill is scheduled to take place on 26 April 2018. It is the last opportunity to amend the Bill in the House of Lords. No changes were suggested to the Bill at the committee stage.

The Bill requires public bodies to accompany any proposal for a change in public expenditure, administration or policy with a family impact assessment; and to require the Secretary of State to report on the costs and benefits of extending family impact assessments to local authorities and to establish and evaluate progress towards objectives and targets for family stability.

Clause 1(2) provides:

"In applying the family impact assessment, authorities shall have regard to the likely impact of proposals on—

(a) a person's ability to play a full part of in their family's life, in particular their ability and capacity to discharge caring responsibilities for a child or other dependent family member;

(b) family formation processes (including parenthood, marriage, cohabitation and re-partnering);

(c) families undergoing transition such as the birth, adoption or fostering of children, marriage, bereavement, redundancy and the on-set of long term ill-health;

(d) couples who separate and their families while preparing to separate, during and after separation;

(e) couples whose relationships are fragile and at risk of breaking down and separating;

(f) families wherein relationships are fragile and at risk of breaking down not covered under paragraph (e)."

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