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ONS analyses characteristics of women at most risk of partner abuse

Article examines Crime Survey data for England and Wales: years ending March 2015 to 2017

For the first time, the Office for National Statistics has looked at three years of data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales to help develop insight into which women are most at risk of experiencing abuse by a partner or former partner. This analysis builds on previous findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales Information on partner abuse experienced by males, and on other types of domestic abuse experienced by both males and females; for which see this earlier ONS article.

Commenting on the findings, Glenn Everett from the Office for National Statistics said:

"Today's analysis gives insight into the characteristics of women who are more vulnerable to partner abuse. It also tells us about the types of households they live in. This can help to inform policies and services aimed at ending violence against women and girls – one of the key targets in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals."

The ONS analysis shows that:

Looking at the types of households in which women were more likely to experience abuse, the ONS found that: 

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