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630,000 children currently covered by Child Maintenance Service arrangements

Three-quarters of payments are by Direct Pay arrangements

The Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that 630,000 children are currently covered by Child Maintenance Service arrangements.

In its latest statistical release, the DWP states that of those 630,000 children:

The Child Maintenance Service was introduced in December 2012 as part of the Government's Child Maintenance Reforms. It replaced the Child Support Agency (CSA) and is for separated parents who can't arrange child maintenance between themselves. The Service can calculate the amount of maintenance to be paid and parents can arrange the payments between themselves. This is called Direct Pay. If parents cannot do this or they don't pay what was agreed, then the Child Maintenance Service can collect and manage the payments between the parents. This is the Collect & Pay service. The Service has a range of enforcement actions it can use if the Paying Parent refuses to pay their child maintenance.

Child Maintenance due to be paid amounts to:

Of the sums paid between April and June 2018 £197.3m was paid through the Collect & Pay service or due to be paid through Direct Pay arrangements. Of this total:

Between April and June 2018, 26,300 applications were made to the Child Maintenance Service. 26,000 of those applications were successful.

For the full statistics, click here.