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Sharia court in Dubai dismisses application to enforce transfer of £350 million boat

English High Court orders ignored

A Sharia court in Dubai has dismissed an application by Tatiana Akhmedova that an order by Mr Justice Haddon-Cave in the English High Court be enforced against her former husband.

In Akhmedova v Akhmedov [2018] EWFC 23 (Fam) Haddon-Cave J had ordered, inter alia, that all necessary steps should be taken by the husband and a Liechtenstein Anstalt, Straight Establishment, to vest a boat, worth about £350 million, in the wife's name with the wife undertaking to give full credit for all the proceeds of sale of the boat against a lump sum order made in her favour.

The Law Society Gazette reports that a Dubai judge has ruled that it was "dismissing the case and orders the claimant to pay expenses and attorney fees".

Henry Hood, Head of the Family Law Department at Hunters, commented:

"This latest step in the Ms Akhmedova's attempt to enforce the English order may be a bit of a setback for her. It seems, however, that not all legal options in Dubai have yet been exhausted. Even if they are, with the appeal court in Moscow rejecting the husband's main contention that they were divorced years ago, there are likely to be other opportunities for Haddon-Cave J's excoriating judgments to be enforced, and the spectator value of the case will continue for a while yet."

For the judgments by Haddon-Cave J, click here. For coverage in The Law Society Gazette, click here.