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Child Support Agency: information for parents owed historical debt

Guidance explains circumstances in which DWP will seek to collect debt

The Department for Work and Pensions has published guidance for parents owed historical debt under the old Child Support Agency system.

The DWP says that it will write to the parent with care and the other parent about historical debt owed if it is:

The following must also apply:

The parent with care will able to ask the DWP to try and collect such debt.

The guidance explains how the parent with care should apply to have the debt collected, what will happen if it is unlikely the DWP can collect the debt and what will happen if it if there is a chance it can collect the debt.

If the DWP is confident that it can successfully collect the debt, it will verify the amount of debt owed. It will then move the case from the CSA computer system to the CMS computer system. There are several ways in which the debt can be collected. Some examples include:

For the guidance, click here.