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The World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights: Call for Papers

8th Conference to be held in Singapore in July 2020

The World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights has issued its call for papers.

Members of the legal sector, government, non-government associations, academics, medical professionals, police, social scientists and beyond are invited to submit abstracts under the conference theme 2020 Vision: Through the eyes of a child. The programme will offer many common areas of black letter law for discussion and debate, as well as specific children's rights issues. Areas for submission are listed on the conference website and include:

In addition, in a world of highly mobile families, the conference will give attention to the ways in which family law meets the various needs of families in whatever form, in order to provide a structure which can effectively and justly provide for its members who are the subject of relationship breakdown.
A primary aim of the Conference is to develop outcomes that directly benefit those who are especially vulnerable and disadvantaged, as well as to share excellence in family law practices. 

The abstract submission deadline is 31 July 2019.  A complete list of topics can be found here.

The 8th Family Law & Children's Rights Conference is to be held in Singapore from 19-22 July 2020 and, for the first time, is jointly organised by the World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights and LAWASIA, The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific.

For more details of the conference, click here.

The World Congress exists to enhance, promote and protect the human rights of children and young people. The World Congress brings together individuals and organisations from across the world who have influence on the legal and justice system to work together to effect change. The aim of the World Congress is to develop resolutions to benefit those who are especially vulnerable and disadvantaged and develop best practice for the challenges that face all of those dealing with family law, children and young people worldwide. The World Congress achieves positive change by developing Congress resolutions, facilitating partnerships and funding projects.

Through the international call for papers, the World Congress aims to identify current issues and possible responses to those issues for the protection of children and young people worldwide highlighting best practice and implementation of those best practices globally.

For more information and for any in Europe interested in speaking on finance and forum and related topics, contact David Hodson on and in respect of children and related topics contact Anne-Marie Hutchinson on .