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Conservatives will pilot integrated domestic abuse courts for criminal and family matters

Manifesto published

The Conservative Party has launched its manifesto for the General Election.

The manifesto is silent on the future of the Divorce and Separation Bill which had been introduced in the last Parliament. However, the Conservatives will, if re-elected, reintroduce the Domestic Abuse Bill.

Furthermore, the manifesto says that a Conservative government "will support all victims of domestic abuse and will increase support for refuges and community support for victims of rape and sexual abuse". The party has committed to piloting integrated domestic abuse courts that will address criminal and family matters in parallel.

The Conservatives, like the Labour Party, intend, if re-elected, to review the care system. By doing so, they say that they will make sure that all care placements and settings are providing children and young adults with the support they need. They will "prioritise stable, loving placements for those children – adoption where possible or foster parents recruited by the local authority".

The Conservatives would also:

The party says that its support for the main carer receiving Universal Credit "will help give greater independence to individuals, most often women, trapped with coercive partners".

For the manifesto, click here.