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British Somalis Claim Racial Profiling Over FGM

UK Somalis say FGM figures are inaccurate

Members of the UK Somali community have spoken to the Victoria Derbyshire programme to say that parents are being wrongly arrested and children taken into care due to the stigma of female genital mutilation.

Claiming that education providers and the media have portrayed FGM as a "huge epidemic", former social worker and Somali campaigner Zainab Nur, said, "We're being victimised, we're being racially profiled as being at risk of FGM, and it's affecting us". She says she knows hundreds of cases where families were wrongly referred to safeguarding.

Dr Saffron Karlsen, a researcher at Bristol University agreed that, "...the way the current system is set up appears to penalise and stigmatise innocent families, and families where's there's no evidence to suggest...that their children are going to be exposed to FGM.

Janet Fyle of the Royal College of Midwives disgreed, stating, "Talking about this issue of stigma is distracting - the priority needs to be protecting girls."

Full story available on the BBC website.