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Domestic abuser jailed due to extended unduly lenient sentence scheme

24 month community order deemed too lenient

In December 2019, Joshua Dalgarno was sentenced to a 24 month community order for violent domestic abuse. On the 25th of February that sentence was deemed too lenient and increased to three years imprisonment.

In September 2019 the unduly lenient scheme (ULS), where anyone was able to complain about a criminal sentence being too lenient, was extended to include 14 new offences. The offences mainly related to child abuse but also included domestic abuse, the full list of added offences was as follows:

Dalgarno's increased sentence is the first appeal relating to the offences added in September.

Dalgarno had subjected his former partner to three months of controlling and violent behaviour, and had an extrensive history of abuse and violence towards previous partners.

Full story via the Government website.