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New video tech to increase remote hearings in family courts

Ministers have confirmed that a new video platform, which they say will enable more remote cases to be heard safely and securely, is being rolled out to the family and civil courts.

The initiative follows the implementation of the Cloud Video Platform (CVP) across 60 crown courts and 93 magistrates' courts. The technology has been used in some 3,600 crown court hearings and more than 7,000 overnight remand cases heard by magistrates.

CVP can be accessed by any device that has a camera and a microphone – such as a mobile phone or tablet. HMCTS says that anyone can join easily, and securely, through a web browser, and sessions can be locked to make sure only appropriate parties join. Training rooms can also be set up so that sessions may be rehearsed before they go live.

Extending it to civil and family proceedings means that all courts in England and Wales will have the technology needed to hold remote hearings – giving users a safer, reliable, and more accessible service, while ensuring justice continues to be delivered.

For the full announcement of the roll-out, click here.